Playlist For Sector - Media

Title Brand
02. Fixture Guide ROI WCR/S-3210 News Int The Sun Download
01. What Fun- Rupert Everitt NEWS TAGR-WHTFUN-SUNTIMES NEWS UK The Times & The Download
01. £5 Tesco Eng Tomorr WCR/S-3021 The Sun Tesco £5 Offer Download
NAT/Tmrw - Hols from £9.50 News UK Download
ST IDRIS ELBA V5 / 60708/308 News UK Download
02. Weekend Club This Weekend 10 NSA/RMS019/010 MAIL ON SUNDAY BRAND Download
01. Change For Life V2 Sunday Mirror Voucher Booklet Download
04. Euro Hols Next Week Scot WCR/S-2994 News Int The Sun Download
01. DIABETES TOMORROW UK NEWS SHI/DMSH044R030 Daily Mail Diabetes Campai Download
01. Match Attax Sat Eng WCR/S-2932 News Int The Sun Download
THE VERDICT - UK 30 - CHELSEA DRAW Daily Mail Group Download
01. River Cottage Promotion TELE041/030 Daily Telegraph Brand Download
01. Film A NEWSLINK GUARDIAN/RAD/018/030 Guardian Film Season Download
01. Glow Diet Eng Tomorrow R/DAY/GLOW015/020 Daily Mail Glow Diet Download
19. 3 Tuners Nuneaton BBH/VM/4647 Virgin Media Q1 Download
02. Tesco £10 Promo Today Eng NI WCR/S-3207 News Int The Sun Download
Book of Revelations - This Sunday News International Download
Book of Revelations - Today News International Download
LBC Sales Script News UK Download
The Sunday Times Food List News UK Download
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