Playlist For Sector - Media

Title Brand
05. Rajasthan Royals V Deccan Chargers Hyderabad Google YouTube/IPL Cri Download
12. Undelete Birmingham BBH/VM/4652 Virgin Media Q1 Download
THE VERDICT - UK 30 - ARSENAL TODAY'S WIN" Daily Mail Group Download
Emmerdale News UK Download
01. People Crime Mag Mirror Group The People Download
Scot Sunday Times Scot RWC_Radio_v5 News UK Download
Irish times cheltenham festival News UK Download
01. Scream South WCR/S-2888 News Int The Sun Days Ou Download
Premier League Wall Chart 20 SCOTTISH" Daily Mail Group Download
02. Fitness Saturday TELE002/020 Daily Telegraph Fitness Download
03. Football Week 2 Today NSA/RMS029/030 Mail On Sunday Brand Download
Hilary Clinton V3 News UK Download
02. Euros Giveaway CTA2 TAG/IREURO2R020 The Irish Sun Euro 2016 Download
02. Robbie Williams Todays BBH/MOS/3499 Mail On Sunday Robbie Williams Download
01. Real Deals Offers N/a Daily Record Record Real Dea Download
THE VERDICT - UK 30 - SPURS WIN" Daily Mail Group Download
1. Price aggressive against the Mirror tomorrow (7 News UK Download
Sun Football Radio Ad News UK Download
04. TODAY 20" SCOTTISH SHI/DMSH056R020 Daily Mail Free Map of Britain Download
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