Playlist For Sector - Media

Title Brand
01. Age Test TAGR-AGETEST-TIMES NEWS UK The Times Download
01. Carluccio TELE037/030 The Telegraph Brand Download
Ad - The Sun - Chessington Tod News UK Download
01. Gardening TAGR-GARDEN-SUNTIMES NEWS UK The Sunday Time Download
01. Sunday Times Recipe CHI1103 News Int Sunday Times Download
Best Places Knock News UK Download
02. ST Perfect Sundays Cinema Scotl NEWSLINK CHI1406 News Int Sunday Times Download
TT Sunscreen 60864/527 News UK Download
04. Undelete Bolton BBH/VM/4653 Virgin Media Q1 Download
Nat/Sat CARAVAN V4 News UK Download
04. TODAY 20" SCOTTISH SHI/DMSH056R020 Daily Mail Free Map of Britain Download
THE VERDICT - UK 30 - HUDDERSFIELD LOSE" Daily Mail Group Download
04. Aston Villa Carew Generic CHER/EICM011/030 Eircom Setanta Download
TT_CAITLIN_MORAN_v2 News UK Download
01. Europe Special TAG-EUROSPECIAL-SUNTIMES NEWS UK The Sunday Time Download
02. DAILY MAIL QUEEN’S 90TH SCOTTISH SHI/DMSH015R020 Daily Mail Daily Mail - Queens 90th Download
01. CHRIS EVANS TODAY UK SHI/MSSH018R020 Mail On Sunday Chris Evans Download
Galway races radio script NI - Today The Sun Download
01. Waitrose Times 20 CHI665 News Int The Times Download
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