Playlist For Sector - Entertainment & Leisure

Title Brand
ALIEN Rollover Tuesday 26 July £22m Camelot Download
Butler The Mirror Cracked Download
Terri Walker Out Monday Universal Music Terri Walker- W Download
Cricket Seatwave Download
Comfort Niki Macartney Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Download
Scratchcards Run 18+ (30) Camelot Scratchcards Download
01. July Top Up Stallion DDFR/LOTT074/020 National Lottery Lotto Top Up Download
Jets - this Friday 13th Camelot Download
Roll MARROW Friday 22 February £14m Camelot Download
Base Tonight Post Camelot Download
02. Like It - Cinemas Now - NEWSLINK Warner Bros Blended Download
24 Hours Ep2 Tomorrow version Channel 4 Download
Holiday Inn Campaign Launch - Can't Miss Radio UK IHG Download
02. Lotto / Euro Countdown NEWS AMV/RCL/20/415 Camelot Xmas TNL Download
SEE IT / NOW / DOWNLOAD & KEEP Paramount Download
01-Gringo Mitchells & But Hollywood Bowl Download
Too Much ITV - The Brief Download
Temp Rising July 31 20th Century Fox Download
Weapons Of Mass Destruction Out Now Sony BMG X-Zibit Download
Mr Kansal National Lottery Instants Download
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