Playlist For Sector - Entertainment & Leisure

Title Brand
03. Baby Sitting 8 ALB/VIA008/030 Viagogo Baby Sitting Download
DCTM MANSION DREAM Friday 10 July £15m Camelot Download
No Wallet Version Tomorrow Mirror Group Daily Mirror Download
Fifty Grand Newspot Channel 5 Minder Download
Scientists ITV Digital Download
EVP Living TV Dead Famous Download
01. Cinema £154m This Tues NEWSLINK AMV/RCL/30/252 National Lotter Camelot Euromil Download
01. Mothers Day Tag Dewynters Mamma Mia Download
02. Wonder V2 ALT CTE/TGWD002R020 Walt Disney The Odd Life Of Download
Anne Boleyn Tower of London Download
20" SENSATIONAL TAG 3 Lionsgate Download
Find Home BAFTA Wins EFD Download
01. Remember - Cine Sept 9 EDN/UNVT051/020 Universal The Visit Download
ICBY - MBW £13M Tonight REV (30) Camelot Download
Nordics Hays (TA) Carnival Download
1-Van Halen 60 Solus Warner Music Van Halen Download
Rational Restival Ticket Cover Seatwave World Of Fans Download
Delivery Download
Joy REV Glasgow Sky Plus Download
Roll AIYEZ Wednesday 12 September £13.5m Camelot Download
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