Playlist For Sector - Media

Title Brand
01. Car Ad BBH/ITV/3787 ITV Horsepower Download
03. TODAY 20" UK RADIO SHI/DMSH059R020 Mail On Sunday Bird Guide Download
01. A5 Festival Guide GUARDIAN/RAD/038/030 Guardian Music Loves Sum Download
01. M&S Coupon Offer TELE032/030 Daily Telegraph M&S Coupons Download
01.Family Saloon 3103 Rev RAB FILLER RAB Filler Download
03. DIET MAGAZINE SCOT SUNDAY DMG/R-MOSU011/020 Daily Mail Daily Mail Download
01. HD DDRR/SKYS001/040 Sky Brand Download
02. Sand Families Jan Week Eng WCR/S-3073 News Int The Sun Download
Huddersfield Examiner Tomorrow trinity mirror Download
01. CHRIS EVANS TOMORROW GLOBAL UK SHI/MSSH022R020 Mail On Sunday Chris Evans Download
02. Unbelievable Collect Today WCR/S-3080 News Int The Sun Download
03. Max Payne Tomorrow NEWSLINK WCR/S-2965 Sky Movies Friday HD Premi Download
03. Final Push Wednesday 18th Jan Channel 4 Final Push Download
01. Match Attax Sat Eng WCR/S-2932 News Int The Sun Download
26. Undelete Wolverhampton BBH/VM/4663 Virgin Media Q1 Download
01. Blueprint TAGR-BLUEPRINT-SUNTIMES NEWS UK The Sunday Time Download
02. Spring Walks Today 30 NEWSLINK CHI 659 News Int The Times Download
01. THATCHER DDB/TGTG005R/030 The Telegraph Margaret Thatch Download
04. DIET MAGAZINE SCOT MONDAY DMG/R-MOSU012/020 Daily Mail Daily Mail Download
DTC - deliery before 7am News International Download
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